Arturo Fass

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DJ Name: The Beat Syndicate

How and why did you start DJ-ing?

I started DJing because I love music. I grew up listening to all kinds of different music: freestyle, house, oldies, funk, rock, rap etc. and always had music playing in the car or even when hanging out at home.

My dad used to DJ and had records and turntables when I was growing up. I always thought it was cool and liked the music. I really started getting into DJing after seeing the DJ battles in the movie Juice and that’s when I started getting serious about getting my own equipment and learning how to mix.

How long have you been a DJ?

This will be my 11th year DJing.

I started DJing back when I was in fifth grade, learning with vinyl and CD mixers. It took me about 2 years to get used to the concept of mixing and playing with the music and I got even better when I got better equipment and started learning different DJing programs.

I’ve had my own business for 9 years, The Beat Syndicate. I DJ events and make special mixes. I’ve DJed birthday parties, house parties, weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, Debuts, other special events, and make custom mixes for fashion shows and dance routines.

I also DJ for events at school and provide the music for USF’s Lyricist Lounge (2 years).

If you could spend a day with a famous DJ, who would it be?

If I could spend a day with a famous DJ, without a doubt, it would be Cameron Paul.

Cameron Paul was a DJ from here in the Bay Area. He was born in San Francisco and used to DJ at City Nights. He was so popular for his mixing that he would be broadcast on the radio and people would line up for blocks to see him. He was a pioneer in DJing and music for his mixing style and his Mixx-it records which were remixes of popular songs.

Mixing and blending is something that I greatly value as a DJ and think that not a lot of the DJs today incorporate this enough in their mixing. Anyone can just play music and throw in little effects to make it sound smooth but not everyone can blend and mix songs to make it sound good and creating a whole new sound. Mixing is a craft and Cameron Paul was the master, pioneer, Godfather at it. I would love to get to talk to him and just learn all that I could from one of the masters.

Unfortunately he passed away from cancer this past March.

Music: Rap/Hip Hop, Latin, Freestyle/Hi Energy, Trap, House, Old School, 80s. Everything


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