It was a dark and foggy night on October 26th. All throughout USF’s Campus, there was not a single don in sight. But booming screams could be heard, from faces and voices that slithered in the night. They were all coming from McLaren. They stabbed through the deafening silence around seven. They were screams of excitement and terror and fright, and they continued until 10:30 at night. The howls and cries attracted many footprints over time. From dorms and buses and Lyfts. Oh my. And when they approached the screams, what they found, was the best, free Halloween entertainment in town.

CAB’s annual Fright Night and Harvest Festival.

McLaren Complex.

The free food, fun, music, and frights begin at seven at night.


There will be

A frightening haunted house with dark hallways full of clowns and monsters and scary figures waiting around every corner
a photo booth and camera floating around to capture your cool costumes and smiles,
delicious and nourishing treats to recharge you after the haunted house’s tricks
chill games if being frightened is not your cup of tea
and a lot of other fun in between! 


Costumes or street clothes are fine, just come and have a fun and memorable time! 

So, October 26th at seven, be sure to come down to McLaren. Or else, you'll miss out on a spook-tacular and sweet Halloween treat. 

See you there. Mwahahaha…


CAB's Fright Night and Harvest Festival

October 26th, 2017. 7pm-10:30pm

McLaren Complex

Free Entry and Entertainment