Silent Disco 101: A CAB Crash Course

Hey, Dons! Who all is ready for CAB’s Silent Disco and Roller Rink Monday?


For those of you who have never been to a silent disco, or have but still don’t comprehend it, I am going to educate you on the art and fun that is silent disco.


If you have ever been around Haight Street, Golden Gate Park, or any space in the city actually, and have seen a group (small or large) with headphones on awkwardly flailing their limbs but you didn't know what they were dancing to, then you have most likely passed by what is known as a silent disco!



It’s a fun, unique, and personal dance party where only those with the special earphones on can hear the music. The music can be from a DJ, a radio, a small device, or even a live band! Just connect to the earphones then you dance!


Or, in the case of CAB’s Roller Rink Silent Disco, put on a pair of headphones and skate (and dance too, if you have great balance and coordination like that).


So, silent disco! It does not necessarily mean there will be seventies clothes and disco balls. A silent disco is simply a party fueled by these special, and usually glowing, headphones, and only those with the headphones will be able to hear the music. So, from the outside looking in, it looks like you’re dancing to nothing and all that can be heard is the shuffling of feet and snaps and claps to the rhythm. But, with the glorious headphones on, you hear the sweet beats everyone else with the headphones on hears.

It’s also great for public places where there may be noise complaints, or people who would prefer you not listen to music in a space near them, because instead of listening to music through speakers, it’s all through the headphones through a transmitter that’s connected to each wireless headphone set. Yes, the headphones are the life of the party.


So, after the crash course on silent disco, are you ready for Monday?


We hope to see you there!

CAB’s Holiday Roller Rink and Silent Disco will be held in Gleeson Plaza (in front of the library) from 2pm to 6pm Monday, December 4th. It is all FREE too! Free entry, free skate rentals, free silent disco headphone rentals, and you know we always supply you with free food! So come be our guest. Knock a fun trend off of your bucket list.


Many have done a silent disco before, but have you ever done one… with skates on? Come be a part of the fun! Take a study break, or stop by in between classes!


CAB Holiday Roller Rink & Silent Disco

Monday, December 4th. 2pm to 6pm.

Gleeson Plaza at USF

FREE skates and headphones, FREE food and drinks, FREE entry!